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TeltoCare system

TeltoCare system

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TeltoCare is used to display ECG and HR data collected by TeltoHeart and transmitted by TeltoHeart mobile application for further analysis and interpretation by qualified clinicians.

TeltoCare system is reachable via:

How to identify that you are entering a legitimate TeltoCare website

How to identify that you are entering a legitimate TeltoCare website

Check the URL: Look at the website URL to ensure that it is spelled correctly and matches the website you intended to visit. Phishing scam websites often use similar-looking URLs to trick users into thinking they are on a legitimate website.

Check for SSL encryption: Look for the padlock icon or "https" in the website address to indicate that the website is using SSL encryption to secure your connection. Phishing scam websites often do not have SSL encryption or may have invalid SSL certificates.
Look for branding inconsistencies: Check for any inconsistencies in the branding, logos, or design of the website, as phishing scam websites often use inaccurate or outdated branding to appear legitimate.

Caution.png Caution:
If the system is unable to communicate with the server, try again later.



Computer or any device with a web browser is compatible with:
  • Mozilla firefox browser v114 or newer
  • Google chrome browser v100 or newer
  • Safari browser v16.5 or newer
Note icon.png Please note:
  • Using a browser version earlier than specified might result in reduced functionality or compatibility issues.
  • If you are using a different browser not listed here, you might experience compatibility issues. We recommend switching to one of the supported browsers for a better experience.
  • Always ensure that your browser is up-to-date for the best security and performance.

Data Transfer to TeltoCare Web Platform

Data Transfer to TeltoCare Web Platform

When the TeltoHeart mobile application is running in the background, data collected by the TeltoHeart smart wearable is scheduled to transfer to the TeltoCare web platform automatically on an hourly basis. This automatic transfer ensures that your health data remains up-to-date and readily available for analysis and management on the TeltoCare platform.
Additionally, users have the option to manually initiate a data sync through the TeltoHeart mobile application. By tapping the Force Sync button within the app, users can trigger an immediate transfer of collected data to the TeltoCare web platform. This feature provides users with control over the timing of data transmission, allowing them to ensure that their latest health information is promptly uploaded, regardless of the scheduled hourly transfer.


TeltoCare hierarchy

TeltoCare hierarchy

TeltoCare hierarchical structure outlines the different roles and responsibilities within the TeltoCare ecosystem, from high-level administrative functions to specialized roles tailored to specific organizational levels and user types.

TeltoCare login

TeltoCare login

Nr1.png Open a web browser and go to the URL:
Nr2.png Enter your password in the login field.
Nr3.png If it is your first time using the app, sign-in by entering e-mail address and the password, which has been sent to your e-mail.
1-Invitation to teltocare.png
Nr4.png TeltoCare will prompt you to change temporary password to your preferred one.
2-TeltoCare login.png
Nr5 - Copy.png When preferred password is set up, you will be able to login to TeltoCare distributor’s environment.

Distributor's environment

Distributor's environment

Within the TeltoCare platform, distributors have the ability to create accounts for hospitals. As part of their environment, distributors facilitate the onboarding process for healthcare professionals who will be providing medical services through the platform. This involves creating accounts for hospitals, granting them access to the necessary features and functionalities of the TeltoCare platform.

Distributor - Navigation bar

Navigation bar


Distributor - User list

User list

Nr1.pngThe User list provides the ability to view contact details, including their names, surnames, phone numbers, emails, and affiliated hospital.
Nr2.png Click ... and select Details button to view hospital’s patient list.

Distributor - Create a Hospital environment

Create a Hospital environment

Nr1.png Click on “Create Organization” button on top right side to create a Hospital account.
Nr2.png Enter the required information and, when done, click "Create" to establish a Hospital account. Once created, an invitation email to TeltoCare will be sent.

Hospital environment

Hospital environment

Hospital environment has ability to view a full list of Hospital’s doctors and patients, create new doctor accounts, view assigned patients and their medical data such as events, electrocardiogram, atrial fibrillation events and heart rate.

Hospital - Navigation bar

Navigation bar


Hospital - Create user

Create user

Nr1.png Click the Create button to set up a new patient or doctor account.
Nr2.png Enter the required information and, when done, click Create to establish a Patient or Doctor account. Once created, an invitation email to the provided email will be sent.
Nr3.png Select the permissions that the user is able to have.

Doctor environment

Doctor environment

Doctors within the TeltoCare platform have access to specific patient information and data for medical purposes. They are authorized to view patients' medical records, personal information, and ECG measurement data. This access allows doctors to provide comprehensive and informed medical consultations, make accurate diagnoses, and offer appropriate treatment recommendations.

Doctor - Navigation bar

Navigation bar


Doctor - Create user

Create user

Nr1.png Click the Create button to set up a new patient or doctor account.
Nr2.png Enter the required information and, when done, click Create to establish a Patient or Doctor account. Once created, an invitation email to the provided email will be sent.
Nr3.png Select the permissions that the user is able to have.

Doctor - Patient list

Patient list

Nr1.png The patient list provides the ability to view patient’s contact details, including their names, surnames, phone numbers, emails, and country.
Nr2.png Click on the first tab to view patient’s contact details.

Doctor - Time interval

Time interval

Nr1.png Choose a time frame to view data. You can select by hour, day, week, month, or year or press on "<" or ">" icons.
Nr2.png You can also manually select the time interval and choose a date.

Doctor - Edit patient's information

Edit patient's information

Tap on the pencil icon to edit patient’s information. Click Edit to confirm the changes.

Doctor - Delete a patient

Delete a patient

If you wish to delete a patient’s account, click on the gear icon and click Delete Patient button.
Note icon.png Please note:
If there has been a mistake or you wish to restore your account, please contact your provider or Teltonika Telemedic and within 14 days support can restore account if required. After 14 days patient will be deleted from database permanently.

Doctor - Patient events

Patient events

Click on the Events tab to view the patient's heart rate events. To configure heart rate events and add thresholds, tap on the gear icon and click the "Add Thresholds" button.

Doctor - Patient's electrocardiogram

Patient's electrocardiogram

Review the ECG recordings displayed on Electrocardiogram tab to access the relevant data related to the patient's electrocardiogram.

Doctor - Caliper tool

Caliper tool

Caliper Tool is a feature designed to streamline the analysis of ECG waveforms. With this tool, users can effortlessly measure the time interval between two chosen points on the ECG waveform. This tool simplifies beat-to-beat interval measurement and enhances the precision of ECG feature analysis.

To begin, open your Electrocardiogram tab and select the desired ECG waveform. Locate the ECG Caliper Tool and position the calipers on the two points you want to measure, typically R-waves for RR intervals. The tool will automatically calculate and display the time interval in a readable format. To start a new measurement, simply use the reset function.


Doctor - Heart rate

Heart rate

Heart rate tab lets user to view both minimum and maximum heart rates, as well as the date on which these measurements were taken. Heart rate is measured in beats per minute (BPM).

Doctor - Atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation

TeltoCare offers a dedicated Atrial Fibrillation Monitoring feature, designed to assist you in managing your atrial fibrillation condition effectively. This feature provides a detailed overview of your atrial fibrillation episodes and allows you to access critical information related to each episode.

Atrial fibrillation features When you access the Atrial Fibrillation tab, you will find essential information about your atrial fibrillation episodes:

  • Date: The date on which each episode occurred is listed, helping you track the timing and frequency of your episodes.
  • Duration: This field displays how long each atrial fibrillation episode lasted, giving you insights into the severity of each event.
  • Min Heart Rate: You can view the minimum heart rate recorded during each episode, which is vital in understanding heart rate fluctuations.
  • Max Heart Rate: The maximum heart rate during each episode is presented, aiding in gauging the intensity of these episodes.
  • Heart Rate Average: This field provides the average heart rate during each episode, offering a comprehensive view of your heart's performance during

atrial fibrillation

Enabling Atrial fibrillation

Nr1.png On your TeltoHeart, tap side button to open up a menu and select AFib function.
TeltoHeart menu.png
Nr2.png Tap Active to activate atrial fibrillation function.
TeltoHeart afib active.png

Accessing detailed records

Nr3.png Each episode listed comes with a dedicated button. By clicking on this button, you can directly access the corresponding ECG record. This feature enables you to visually examine and analyse the electrical activity of patient’s heart during atrial fibrillation episodes, enhancing understanding of these events.

TeltoCare markings

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