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Version Release date Changes
Version 1.12.20
Release date 2024-03-01


  • Implement timezone change history functionality
  • Store date and time in UTC+0 timezone
  • Allow users to change their local time zone
  • Functionality for changing actual timezone shall be stored in the Settings page
  • Allow user to select timezone from a dropdown list
  • Display medical data with adjusted timezone offset
  • Display a separate set of HR data columns if the adjustable timezone is changed
  • Differentiate HR data from different timezones using differently colored bars
  • Have a button in Settings page to show timezone changing history
  • Display a table containing historical information of user's timezone changes containing date, time, and the timezone to which the user switched to
  • Display the timezone in ECG selection buttons to indicate in which timezone it belongs
  • Show legend of colors and timezones on the right side of the HR chart section
  • Allow user to change the previously selected timezone for old data


  • Incorrect max value shown in HR section
  • Hovering over HR data columns is not working correctly
  • Yearly filter shows over 365 days in HR section's X axis
  • HR hover not working as intended
  • Misaligned X axis
  • Hospital admin details not shown in Hospital list
  • Events not showing event type anymore
  • TC and PP pages not loading on prod
  • Heart rate interval not working
  • Email check is case sensitive
Version 1.12.16
Release date 2024-02-25


  • Non human readable error message when logging into a user who's in the process of deletion
  • Unable to create hospital doctor
  • Search showing incorrect results
  • TeltoCare allows saving an invalid year.
  • Error connecting to the database error:
  • Allows inputting something other than numbers (special symbols, letters) in the phone input field.
  • Can create a user by entering symbols in the email field
  • Duplicating events
Version 1.12.10
Release date 2024-01-31
  • TeltoCare user create: Error to select country when country is selected
  • Hospital navigation bar displays double patients option
  • TeltoCare does not allow Doctor to create users.
  • Patient assign does not work